Web applications with Django

Web applications with Django

Web applications with Django

We are a web agency in Stockholm and Uppsala that build web applications with the framework Django.

What is Django?

Django is a framework that simplifies the development of database-driven web pages, web services and web applications. Django is based on the programming language Python. Python is a powerful yet flexible language with support for several different programming paradigms, including object-oriented and functional programming. Python is one of the most popular programming language and the interest is increasing every day.

Why Django?

Django's Object Relational Mapper (ORM) facilitates database modeling work, which results in that the web developer can focus on developing the functionality of the web service rather than digging into database development.

Django is packed with very useful features. Two built-in features that are worth mentioning are user authentication and the autogenerated admin interface.

In addition to this, Django is extremely scalable - Django is extremely modular and can be used to manufacture all types of systems. You can use the framework to develop everything from personal websites, to large complex IT solutions.

Our experience with Django

We have been involved in many projects and can say (from the bottom of our hearts) that Django has been the savior in need in many cases thanks to its modular architecture. The Clever Company AB aims to be cost-effective and time-efficient while delivering high-quality services - That's why for us, Django fits like the hand in the glove.

Companies that use Django

Contact us on 018-10 71 10 or email us at and let us help you with your web production!


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