4 reasons to use TypeScript

4 reasons to use TypeScript

4 reasons to use TypeScript

What is TypeScript?

To make a long story short, TypeScript is a programming language based on JavaScript with typing.

1. Better developer experience

What many do not take into account when ordering a job is the developer experience itself. The primary focus is usually on the user experience and the end product. But in order to be able to deliver a good product, it is extremely important that the developer has a good experience during development. A project written in TypeScript enhances the developer experience; as clear types in the code ensure that the developer can easily and efficiently understand the code.

2. Prevents bugs

TypeScript does not ensure that your software is error-free, but it can prevent many unnecessary bugs from occurring as the developer specifies exactly what is required to run a particular function, for example.

3. Code quality

Defining its data structure using types forces the developer to think about how the data should be structured from the beginning; this means that the developer makes better design decisions at an early stage.

4. Documentation

Taking over a project that lacks documentation is never fun; and defining types can serve as another layer of documentation. That layer is incredibly useful for your current and future developers. In our experience, the start-up phase for a project written in TypeScript compared to regular JavaScript is much shorter.

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