4 reasons to choose React

4 reasons to choose React

4 reasons to choose React

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React is a library and not a framework.

React was created to facilitate the creation of components for web applications. A component is a part of your web application, e.g. a button, text, or input field.

React is flexible

React is very flexible; Once you have learned that, you can use it on a variety of platforms to build high quality user interfaces. For example, you can create static websites, desktop applications and build mobile apps with React.

React has a fantastic developer experience

Reacts API is very minimalistic and is very easy to learn. It has very few concepts to learn which creates a fantastic developer experience.

React has broad community support

React's popularity has grown steadily since its release in 2013. React has broad community support and at the time of writing, React has over 168,000 stars on GitHub.

React has good performance

React monitors the state of a component with Virtual DOM. When a change occurs in a component, React compares the existing DOM with what the new DOM should look like and then efficiently and quickly updates the changes.

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