About the web agency

About the web agency

We are a web agency in Stockholm & Uppsala that creates digital solutions with focus on Back-End and Front-End. With a cutting edge expertise and experience in the digital market, we create products and services for your business.

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A selection of what the web agency can assist with


Do you need to have a specific expertise in your project? We have skilled consultants who are more than happy to take on the task and help to get your project done.

Front-End & Back-End

With a long experience of developing complex systems, we have a broad competence of both Front-End and Back-End. We work with database modeling, API development and against third-party suppliers. We aim to quickly and securely deliver your IT solution.


Our projects are both maintained and operated by our Hosting managers. The servers are always monitored as we place great emphasis on safety. In addition, we also have well-established processes for managing data and backups.

iOS & Android

Do you need to develop an app? We have the expertise to help with that. In order to quickly produce your application, we use the latest frameworks in the industry. We build mobile applications in React Native.


We usually say that digital solutions are fresh products. It is therefore essential that a system is in constant development and managed in the best possible way. We are at your disposal with skilled developers who will take care of your digital solution.


Do you have an idea but not the workforce to realize it? We put together a team of excellence in the field to realize your idea.

The web agency's techniques

Below you can see a selection of the techniques we use at The Clever Company to develop our services. Our goal is to combine the best technologies. We are always at the forefront and the web agency's goal is to develop digital solutions cost-effectively and productively while quality and security are our primary focus.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • AngularJS
  • Django
  • DjangoCMS
  • Docker
  • Git
  • JavaScript
  • nodejs
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • React
  • React Native
  • SASS
  • Storybook
  • Style Dictionary
  • TypeScript
  • VueJS
The web agency's focus

The web agency's focus

The Clever Company exists to realize your digital dream. We have a very long experience of working in the digital world where we have driven entire design processes from ideas to reality.

The web agency's primary focus is to help organizations develop digital solutions according to their needs. We develop anything from internal systems, websites or mobile applications.

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The web agency's mission

The web agency's mission

Today everyone works digital, and with a cutting edge expertise in the digital sphere, the web agency's goals become obvious. Our goal is to digitize all industries that can be digitized.

The web agency's goal is to digitalize the work of companies that are in tough processes due to outdated systems and working methods.

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  • cmore
  • CrewGuard
  • Cycle Breaker
  • Dynabyte
  • Ericsson
  • Knivsta Motor AB
  • Manetos
  • Mangescykelverkstad
  • Nike
  • Nordnet
  • Novalund
  • Osseen
  • Qvido
  • Samsung Service
  • Shareville
  • SKHML Centrum
  • Telia
  • tv4