2 ways to create a website

2 ways to create a website

2 ways to create a website

Today, it is all about digitizing your brand and being visible for your audience. The first thing a business usually does is creating a website. There are several different approaches to creating a website and each way fulfills its own function. Here are 2 ways to create a website:

Use a page builder

You can use website builders like Squarespace, Wix and Joomla, Website24 without having to write a line of code or hire a developer to create your website. It is a useful way when you need something fast, simple and inexpensive. In many cases, website builders work well for Proof of concept and some campaign pages. The disadvantage of using a page builder is that in many cases you use predetermined templates which results in you failing to convey the uniqueness of your brand.

Hire an expert

An expert can either be a standalone web developer or a web agency. When you hire an expert, they will most of the name present an online strategy, search engine optimize your website and provide you with a competitive advantage. The main disadvantage is that in many cases the expert is a more expensive alternative - but you need to see it as an investment instead of a cost.

You need to digitize your brand and not let your visitor walk off after opening the door. Your website is your identity and thus needs to be embraced by strategically selected marketing techniques to optimize the search engine and attract the right users.

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