The good design

The good design

The good design

It is inevitable to miss that we today live in a digital world where technology development is at the center. We are at a time when the relationship between human and the digital artifacts are increasing. This means that interaction designers need to deepen and understand how to design digital artifacts in relation to human use.

What is an interaction designer?

An interaction designer works within a process consisting of limited resourcs to shape, create and determine the ethical, aesthetic, functional and structural characteristics of the digital artifact.

What is a digital artifact?

The digital artifact is thus the result of the interaction design. An artifact means something created by man. A digital artifact appears in social contexts with people in the form of closer relationships and relates to automated artifacts if they in no way have a clear connection to a user.

How to achieve a good design?

No one is born with the characteristics of a good designer but it is something that is developed by working with projects that put the designer in tricky situations where creative thinking must be used. It is important to have a driven personality and strive for self development and improvement. An interaction designer has a great influence over whether the use of a digital artifact remains positive or negative.

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