Articulation Perspective

Articulation Perspective

Articulation Perspective

It is with the articulation perspective that a designer can share his design knowledge, insights and experiences. The articulation is a way of trying to clarify the qualities of artifacts for a wider assessment. The identification of these qualities of use is an extremely important part of a design process to create a whole and understanding of the specific design.

Characterized features of quality for digital design that are useful can be divided into five different groups:

  1. Surprise, parfunctionality. 
  2. Anticipation, seduction, playability, engagement, relevance, usefulness
  3. Immersion, fluency, pliability.
  4. Identity, agency, social actability.
  5. Functional minimalism, efficiency, elegance = power + simplicity, transparency.

Quality is a combination consisting of three different types of properties:

  1. In use; Related to the quality perceived by the user.
  2. internal; No matter in what context it is used.
  3. External; Related to the context it is used.

Quality is thus subjective and means that the identification of the quality of a design depends on who the user is and in which context the digital design is used.


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