6 Search Engine Optimization Tips (2019)

6 Search Engine Optimization Tips (2019)

6 Search Engine Optimization Tips (2019)

Google uses over 200 signals to determine how to rank websites - some of these signals are reflected by the content of your website. The good news is that it is easy to SEO these signals as they have a direct link to the content of the website. The primary goal of SEO is to increase your rank and search. We give you 6 tips on how to increase your visibility on the web.

Optimize your local visibility

Update the urls for the city you want to be visible in. Let's say that you run a bakery and you want to increase your visibility in search engines when people search for "Bakery Lund". Create a subpage with the url

Improve your meta title

Optimize your meta titles for all your pages. A meta title represents the name of the page that appears in the browser. The title is displayed in a search result and has a big impact on the ranking of your page. Include your keyword in your title, eg. "A super good title | Bakery in Lund".

Improve your meta description

Create a good meta description for all your pages. Meta descriptions has no major impact on ranking. It is the text that appears under the title in the search result and an appealing description increases the chances of a user visiting your site. Keep the description between 120 - 158 characters.

Improve your headlines

You can improve your headings by structuring them into a correct hierarchy. A good rule to follow is to have only one h1 element per sub-page. Your h1 is like the title of a book, h2 is a chapter title and the rest are subtitles.

Optimize your images

It is not uncommon to forget image optimization. Use a describing name on your files, eg. bakery-lund.jpg and give your pictures and a good description by applying the alt attribute to the image element.

Use schedule markup for the business address

Add schema markup to business URLs on the content page that link to your Google My Business profile. Schema markups helps search engines to identify what kind of content the page have. It has a significant role in how you rank in search engines.

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