4 reasons to start with Continuous Delivery

4 reasons to start with Continuous Delivery

4 reasons to start with Continuous Delivery

Better test reliability

By using Continuous Delivery, the test reliability of the new changes introduced by the developers increases. The quality of the new functions will be very high due to the fact that we always run our tests before releasing to production.

More efficient releases

Distributing new functions continuously to production after automatically testing the new functions ensures that the code is quality assured. It's much easier to find faults in the system and then quickly and efficiently fix them and patch production with a new release.

Customer satisfaction

Do not waste your first impressions as a good first impression is the key to customer conversion. With Continuous Delivery, you can keep your customers happy by constantly putting new features and bug fixes into production.

Reduce costs

Automation reduces the number of errors that can occur during a production set-up; automating the process frees up developer time that can be spent on product development in the form of new features.

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